The Problems Of Korean Military Service

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The Korean War broke out in 1950 and the war hasn’t finished yet. On the Korean peninsula, the two countries that are still divided are under a cease fire. As a result, almost every Korean man must perform military service for about two years. Under the cloak of sacred obligation to protect the country, even broaching the subject was prohibited. The military service, however, should be changed because it has some major problems. People who perform military service lose some individual things. They are estranged from their old friends. The military camp is almost completely shut off from society which means breaking off the human relations. Men perform the service for about 2 years. It makes them forget what they learned or studied in society because they have no time to study. It is fatal to people who have to prepare for their future. They are deprived of their liberty. They can’t do anything which they want. They must act upon orders. There are not only individual problems, but also problems within the military itself. The service has internal problems. There are many accidents that can happen only in the military like firearm accidents. Such accidents are important social issues. The morale of the troops is low for lack of vacations. Although a vacation is the only happiness for servicemen, they have few chances to vacation in society. Senior servicemen abuse new soldiers with physical or verbal violence in order to control them. As a result, many soldiers who can’t stand the abuses try to suicide or desert although the military authorities avoid being announced. Some problems have bad effects on the nation as well. Korea is suffered from economic and military loss. Military authorities take away men who are in the prime of their youth. They are deprived of opportunities to work or study, so they can’t add any economical value to the

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