Problems in Modern Day Education Essay

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The article that I read was by Richard Adams and education editor entitled primary schools are full, say head teachers. This article is about the government under pressure to solve problems of high demand for school places by opening more local authority- controlled schools. In this article there is a lot of problems that are brought up with this educational system. They are in a demand for more space for primary aged children to still go with school and get a proper education. One problem that is encountered is financial problems in the sense of new schools being free. Another problem also pointed out is the higher birth rates increasing pressure to find places for kindergarten aged students to start school. They want to provide more buildings but the local government is blocking planning permission because of the traffic issues that it will have. Simon Gallacher the head teacher of St. Anthony’s catholic primary schools points out that there is no thinking on the government part of school and housing ratio. That if communities are to build an increase number of houses they should also build primary education schools that go along with it. Also, with the lack of space that is available for students in classrooms the limit is already breaching capacity of 30 plus students. Which is not good for young children’s attention and performance capabilities. Especially in their younger years smaller teacher to student ratio does affect the outcome of the students learning. My stance on this issue is that the government needs to cooperate with the teachers demands and allow a passed bill for the approval of building new schools. With the increased amounts of housing and the increasing birth rates there needs to be some kind of outlet that families can go to in order for government public education. I understand where the teachers are coming from in the big class
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