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Problems Facing The Medical Field Essay

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Today in America there are many problems facing the medical field. According to many medical professionals such as hospital directors, nurses, and doctors their greatest apprehension is treating patients with no health insurance. Unfortunately, it is not required to have medical insurance yet in the United States. Many people do not carry health insurance so the hospitals have to pay for these uninsured clients. The cause for uninsured people can simply be explained by the cost of health insurance. The United States should not be giving free benefits out to people who aren’t even supposed to be here. Hospitals are the ones taking the hits for the entirety of clients who are not able to pay. This causes the hospitals to close and hundreds of people lose their jobs. Employees of the medical field should be aware of this problem and pass on the information to prevent the up rise of non-paying clients. Although some people are unable to pay, in order to protect our hospitals and health professionals we need to become informed of this crisis and respond by protesting and making a law to mandate health insurance or even by reimbursement through a government program.
With the health insurance prices on the rise many Americans are cancelling their insurance policies or choosing against insurance. As reporter from Tri-County Herald, Mike Kriedler, exclaims, "One in four people with insurance don't have enough to meet their needs in a medical emergency, half of the uncompensated care costs today are generated by people with insurance - people who are one diagnosis away from bankruptcy”." (Kriedler 23). In other words, Kriedler is saying that many people do not carry insurance and even if they did their insurance might not be good enough to cover health costs in an emergency. I agree with Kriedler. According to the Census Bureau, in 2009 the number of individuals lacking health coverage rose from 46.3 million to 50.7 million. The proportion of uninsured Americans rose from...

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