Problems Facing Russia Before 1905 Essay

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The Problems facing Russia before 1905 In the early 20th Century the Russian Government faced many problems, all of which were down to several things. From things that could not be solved, such as the population of the Russian empire and the size of Russia, the Tsarist Government ended up with a lack of effective control this is what led to their eventual downfall. Firstly, the size of the Russian Empire was massive and would have caused problems for the Tsarist Government anyway without anything else. Russia crossed two continents during the rise of power, but many parts of the Empire were un-populated. This brought many different cultures into Russia. Therefore, the widespread diversity of people would have brought different languages, cultures, traditions, different mindsets and lots more. Most of the population did not like the way that they were being ruled, as the Tsarist Government decided to put in place several things to try and control the people. One was called the ‘Russification Policy’. This policy said that all non-speaking Russians were made to use the Russian language, which meant that Russian was taught in all schools and they had to be taught in Russian and no other language. It also meant that all nationalities were made to wear Russian style clothing and follow Russian customs. Most of the population hated this Policy. Other nationalities felt this discriminated against them and their ways. The land mass from West to East that the Tsarists had to govern was massive, Russia measured over 6400km, and from North to South, it measured over 3000km. This would have been a big difficulty to the Tsar, as it would have been quite difficult to get their regimes and policies to all corners of the Empire. With this in mind it meant that the communication in Russia was limited, and very poor. There were very few paved roads outside big cities,
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