Problem With Education Essay

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AP Language and Composition 26 January 2012 2 Lazy 4 Educations Though only a skill for the few before, nowadays millions have the opportunity to learn. But even then laziness seems to only have grown and spread faster than the eagerness for education, especially among the younger generations. The problem with modern education is the ever more prevalent lack of motivation. Not just in students but even sometimes in important authority figures such as teachers and principals. American education was regarded as a forerunner in reform and a role model to all. Since the beginning, the privilege of being educated expanded from rich, ethnically white males to small pockets of females and eventually to all persons of all backgrounds and skin color. The evolution occurred because people fought for education, reformers who believed in the importance of education, who made the school system as it is today. Literacy rates skyrocketed near 100 percent and great achievements made history, literally. Clearly education is crucial and in such a fast paced time, it is more necessary than ever before. Public schooling plummeted in numbers and the government tried to fix things through the No Child Left Behind Act and a number of other small reforms. Yet even that has left a small impact on U.S. schooling; every year more than 1.2 million students are said to drop out of school and that is with the national average high school graduation of 70 percent (Education Week). From 1995 to 2008, the United States went from being 2nd in college graduation rates to being 13th (“In ranking…”). Sure America’s rankings have risen from being 28th place in 2004 (Norris 164) to 25th in 2009 on mathematics, but as the U.S.’s scores rise, the gap between the leading countries and us widens. It is quite ironic since America was indeed seen as the leading educational force, as the greatest
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