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Argument Paper - Today's healthcare Health care is an aspect of life no one should be without. It is vital to a family’s survival when things go wrong; it is also a critical issue that the American people face today. Words such as reform, health care bill, and insurance are all we hear about when we read the newspaper, turn on the evening news, or listen to our President speak. There are many aspects to the problem with health care today; however, the focus for this paper will be on those that, in my opinion, need the most immediate attention. One aspect is that adequate health insurance is no longer affordable for the working class with employers cutting back on health care contributions due to the risings cost in relation to their budget. Another aspect is that some of the health insurance policies that are offered don’t cover necessary health care expenses leading us to the group of “underinsured” Americans; this is especially true for employees of small businesses. The final aspect of health care plaguing the American people is the denial of insurance for patients with pre-existing conditions. With so many people losing their jobs or getting less secure jobs this problem will only get worse. The solutions to these problems with health care are as varied as the people they address, but it is my goal in this paper to cover some of the most urgent issues. Some options to be discussed include the public option to purchase affordable health care insurance, imposing minimum insurance coverage being offered to employees, and eliminating the pre-existing condition clause. The first health care issue raising concern is that of affordable health insurance; this involves the creation of a public option for purchase of health care insurance. The Obama Administration and the members of the House and Senate have proposed creating an option for Americans to

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