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Problem Solving Santana Ludos HUM/114 May 20, 2013 Elizabeth Shaw Problem Solving There are many situations I could discuss but the main that has been weighing heavily on my mind is the fact that in just one month I will be a mother to a baby boy. I always told myself I didn’t want children, well that’s not entirely true just the idea of giving birth frightened me; but becoming a mom frightens me even more. This is my first child and I couldn’t be more nervous about it, so many questions pass through my mind such as “Am I going to be a good mother?” “Will I be able to teach him right and wrong?” “Is this going to put a strain on my fiancé and I’s relationship?” Money, career, and you as a person all typical reasons to be scared of having a baby but I need to figure out a way to approach this problem and fix it. I would not consider this a problem but rather more of an issue because a problem is something that is wrong and needs to be fixed and being scared of being a mother isn’t a problem it’s an issue that I need to learn how to accomplish. In order to accomplish this issue that I am having I need to establish a research plan at, or close to the start of my issue. It is one of the key tools I have, to ensure that solving my issue keeps going in the right direction. So, how do I cultivate the courage, compassion, and connection that I need to embrace my imperfections of becoming a future mother and to recognize that I am enough? I need to recognize what scares me emotionally and mentally about being a mom. First off would be can I give this child everything he needs? The answer to me is still unknown; my fiancé and I can support him finically but am I able to give him the love and bonding he deserves. I believe I will be able to do that but I will not know until he is here with me, all I can do is prepare for anything unexpected and give him the shelter,

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