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Problem solving As a student you are likely to be involved with a wide range of activities on campus, at work, in your home and with your friends. At times during these activities challenges or problems will arise. Often you would resolve these automatically, however sometimes you may experience a significant problem which you find difficult to solve as quickly or as automatically as you may under other circumstances. The aim of this resource is to assist you to develop the skills you need to become an effective problem solver when facing challenging or difficult situations. What is problem solving? Problem solving is a process and skill that you develop over time to be used when needing to solve immediate problems in order to achieve a goal. A seven-step problem solving cycle There are many different ways to solve a problem, however all ways involve a series of steps. The following is a seven-step problem solving model: Step 1. Identify the problem Firstly you need to identify and name the problem so that you can find an appropriate solution. You may not be clear of what the problem is, or feel anxious/confused about what is getting in the way of your goals. Try talking to others as this may help you identify the problem. Step 2. Explore the problem When you are clear about what the problem is you need to think about it from different angles. Ask yourself: * How is this problem affecting me? * How is it affecting others? * Who else experiences this problem? * What do they do about it? Seeing the problem in different ways is likely to help you find an effective solution. Step 3. Set goals Once you have thought about the problem from different angles you can identify your goals. What is it that you want to achieve? Don’t get caught up in frustration and forget to think about what you want to achieve. Possible goals:

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