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Problem Based Learning: Step 2-Defining the Problem Have you heard the phrase “simple—but not easy”? It is a great description for this process of defining the problem. A problem statement should be simple and concise. But coming up with a good problem statement is not easy. You may define the wrong problem. Or you may find yourself doing what many others do: Define the problem statement as a solution. Let’s say you are leading a global business unit that needs to significantly improve their results such as revenues and customer satisfaction. And when defining the situation you know there are leaders on your leadership team that are resistant to a number of new changes that came out of the new strategic plan. You might develop the following problem statement: “Turn around the performance of the global organization by replacing the resistant leaders.” This problem statement is actually a single solution: Replace the resistant leaders. It is not open to other solutions such as create a vision that aligns the resistant leaders. Or develop a set of rewards that motivates them to support the new vision. A more effective problem statement would have been: “Turn around the performance of the global organization by effectively implementing the right change management practices“. This problem statement allows you to consider many possible change solutions. In this step continue to ask the questions: Is this the right problem? Is it a problem? Is it phased in the right way? You will need to phrase it in such a way that it is open to many possible solutions. And you will need to avoid the tendency to phrase it as a solution—which is only human nature. There are three simple guidelines or principles which help you to define the right problem the right way. First, write a statement that allows for many possible solutions. Second, make it motivational. Finally,
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