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Again, I had a discussion with my sister because my tutees are too young to understand the discussion. Her understanding got better than the first discussion we had. Before I started to explain the problem of personal identity to her, I expected to have an active discussion overt the topic. Instead of explaining the details to her, I decided to briefly explain the questions arose from the problem of personal identity. The very first question was “who am I?” I explained her that personal identity says one’s identity is what makes the person unique. The next question that we discussed was “What is it to be a person?” I explained her that this question said what elements are necessary to be a person. The third question we discussed was the question of persistence; what does it take for a person to persist from one time to another? I used an example of a picture for this question. The next question we talked about was the question of evidence. The question of evidence said how do we find out who is who? I talked about the first-person memory as a source of evidence. She said it was challenging to understand what I was explaining to her. I also talked about the question of “What am I” The last question I explained was “What matters in identity?” After the discussion on the problem of personal identity with my sister, her response turned out as I did not expect. She still did not understand the topic clearly as usual. However, I was satisfied because I introduced to her the problems of personal identity. She would understand the topics better if we could spend more time on the

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