Problem Of Education Essay

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Lack of Parental Involvement Another problem that is facing American education today, and one which can easily be seen as a reason for the low attrition rate of teachers, is the lack of parental involvement with which most teachers have to deal. Many of us probably remember our parents being very involved with our education, whether they were part of the PTA or just asked about your grades and homework every day when you got home. Unfortunately, today, parental involvement seems to be waning. While there still is a good deal of involvement at the elementary level, middle school and high school teachers report that this is not the case with most of their students. Epstein (2008) comments on this fact when she says, Educators at all school levels know that successful students—at all ability levels—have families who stay informed and involved in their children’s education. Yet many middle level and high school teachers report that the only time they contact families is when students are in trouble. (p. 9) This is something that teachers have to actively avoid. It is our responsibility to try to involve parents who seem hesitant and reluctant to be a part of their child’s education. This is one way that we can start to try to solve this problem. There is no doubt about the importance of parental involvement. Elish-Piper (2008) makes the following point in her article: When parents are involved in education, teens typically have higher grade point averages, higher test scores on standardized and classroom assessments, enrollment in more rigorous academic courses, more classes passed, more credits earned toward graduation, and higher graduation rates. (p. 44) ASHLEY BOYER AND BURNETTE WOLF HAMIL ____________________________________________________________ _________________________5 With statistics such as these,
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