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Problem of Domestic Solid Waste Essay

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The generation and disposal of waste is an intrinsic part of any developing or
industrial society. Waste, both from domestic and commercial sources has grown
significantly in Nigeria over the past decade. Every time a householder shops at the
store, and open market he contributes to the mountain of waste. It is possible to quote
figures which show that the production of waste amounts to millions of tons. The percent
of Nigeria’s population living in cities and urban areas has more than doubled in the last
15 years.1 The cities and urban areas experience continuous growth which contributes to
enormous in generation of solid and liquid waste.
The management of waste is a matter of national and international concern. The
volume of waste does not actually constitute the problem but the ability or inability of
governments, individuals and waste disposal firms to keep up with the task of managing
waste and the environment. There is no doubt that a dirty environment affects the
standard of living, aesthetic sensibilities, health of the people and thus the quality of their
lives.2 The corollary is that improper disposal or storage of this waste can constitute
hazards to the society through the pollution of air, land and especially water.3
In this paper, our attention would be focused on domestic waste. We will highlight some
of the problems which have attended the management of this category of waste in
Nigeria today. It will be seen that Nigeria has not done well in the direction of tackling the
menace of domestic waste. This is even in the face advanced management strategies
existing today for domestic waste management which have been adopted in many
places. We will proffer suggestions that may assist in addressing this issue that seems
to be aborting most efforts of International organizations, the federal government, city
authorities, states and professionals...

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