Problem Formulation And Identification Essay

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Problem Formulation and Identification Paper Kourtney Aiello, Amelia Reaves, Christopher Reeves and Anthony Rodriguez MGT350 June 6. 2011 Rebecca Morgan Problem Formulation and Identification Paper Comparing the organizations of our team members’ respective organizations have proven that each organization uses a form of the rational decision making processes. Each team member’s organization prefers to use logic when making decisions affecting his or her organization. Although they are similar, in this manner, each organization has its own personal style and reasoning for the type of decision-making they are implementing. Anthony’s organization is a distributor of products. Its members must use the rational decision making processes because each decision is based on numbers and information. The management team reviews data from sales and business trends to make informed decisions. Their organizational decisions are always information-driven and logically analyzed before final decisions are made. Anthony’s personal sales decisions are also rational because of underlying motives or other incentives driving his daily actions. Amelia’s organization is Veteran Affairs (VA). The VA uses the rational decision making process because it relies on facts and logic to make decisions. The VA must use logic and facts in situations of employees who require EEO or union assistance because facts and logic may provide evidence of wrongdoing on behalf of the employee. The uses of the rational decision making process helps the VA provide solutions to unfair treatment of employees, patient problems, revenue generating, and many areas of the VA. Christopher’s organization also uses the rational decision making process in the casino gaming industry. Their business revolves around forecasting future goals, budgeting, staffing, and department budgets. The
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