Problem Formulation Essay

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Problem Formulation MGMT 8101, Theory Building & Research Design Notes by Prof. Andy Van de Ven Plan for Class • Questions & ideas about problem formulation – chapter 3 • Moves in formulating a problem • Student examples of research problems (as time permits) © Andrew H. Van de Ven, Carlson School, U. of Minnesota, MGMT8101 Theory Building & Research Design PhD Seminar, Spring 2007 Questions & Ideas about Problem Formulation • Problem formulation is the anchor of a research proposal – It applies to either problem-driven & theory-driven research • Discuss key questions or problems you have about problem formulation from the readings. What is a Research Problem? • Problems vary in clarity: – A gap between expectations and outcomes – An anomaly in our theory of the world – An unclear but interesting issue • Problems are: – Perceived by someone; they do not exist out there. – Often biased judgments; a Type III error – Often imaginary; not grounded in reality – Often uncreative, don’t go beyond the information given. Four Related Activities in Problem Formulation Activities and their relations over time Situating Problem Grounding Problem Diagnosing Problem Resolving Problem Situating the Problem • Be reflexive – Problems don’t exist “out there” – A problem from whose perspective? For what purpose? • Focus – The topic or issue requiring attention. – Who & what is in foreground & background • Level of analysis – individual, group, organization – What things are bigger, smaller, or attributes of problem • Scope – How deep, broad, & long is the problem? – Should decrease with familiarity; watch for scope creep Grounding the Problem in Reality • An exploratory study into the nature, context & what is known about the problem domain • Who, what where, when, why& how the problem exists – in particular (up close) with example, anecdote
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