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Rachel Barke 1-30-12 Period 2 Counselors and teachers are too serious and strict when enforcing dress code. They focus on getting students in trouble for what they wear rather than focusing on real issues. Girls and boys wear what they want because it gives them the freedom to express themselves, so the dress code should accept that. Anytime a student breaks the dress code they get sent to the office. This is a problem for a few reasons. First, they are expecting your parents to bring you up new clothes to wear and that is so unpractical because most parents are at work and don’t have time to drive all the way home, then to the school, and then back to work. The office also won’t let you drive home yourself and get other clothes, and even so, a lot of high school students cannot drive. Second, when you are taken down to the office, you are missing class time. So really dress code rules are hurting the school rather than helping. But by the time you talk to who ever is in charge of dress code, call your parents, have them bring you clothes, and change into the clothes, you have wasted so much class time and probably missed the lesson. Thirdly, the school bans certain types of clothing from being worn only because of how it looks on certain people and neglects to realize that some girls don’t have a lot of choices at home when it comes to clothing. For example, they are banning leggings and in the winter, leggings are pretty much the only warm clothing I have and I am not going to go out and buy a new winter wardrobe just because girls wear them wrong. I bet a lot of other girls feel the same way. A solution to this issue is to make the dress code more flexible. Girls know what they can and can’t wear based on their bodies. They won’t wear something too tight or low cut because it doesn’t attract good attention, people will only bash on them for that. I understand

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