Probation Process Essay

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As an officer, I been advised that a new probationer has been placed on my caseload. He is a drug offender placed on for possession of cocaine. I been asked to instruct the offender at 9 am the next morning by the judge. The judge ordered the probationer to complete 20 hours of community service, a 10-week drug rehabilitation program, and to pay $500 in court fees and costs. In Casa Grande, AZ there is a program to work in the church to help out with community service. In the church the probationer will help with packing a food box for people who are in need of food and stocking item’s on the self’s and that will be 4 hours on Saturday’s, that can help with community service. I did some research and found out to help my probationer on my case with drug rehabilitation; I found two places called Horizon Human Services and Helping Associates in Casa Grande, AZ. “Services offered at Horizon include counseling for adult’s intensive outpatient treatment for substance abuse related issues for adult’s substance abuse”. (Horizon Human Services) “The second one is Helping Associates intensive outpatient services are available to overcome substance abuse or addiction and become free of the chains of addiction. The research based Matrix Program is offered to overcome addiction”. (Drug Treatment ). I think both of these are good programs to enter in I choose Horizon, because I had a brother who went into that program and it helped him realize a lot of what he was doing wrong. “Standard Conditions constrains imposed on all probationers, including reporting to the probation office, reporting any change of address, remaining employed, and not leaving the jurisdiction without permission”. (Clear. T., 2011). This is a good idea of how the probationers have to report everything, not just that, but for the probation officer to always check on how their doing and give

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