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Conditions of Probation and Parole Ana Navarro, Rickey Joy, and Manuel Baltier CJA 234 July 03, 2012 Rafael Gomez Conditions of Probation and Parole Probation and parole are the conditions of the criminal justice system, in which the offender is placed on this program and must abide with the rules and regulations that the probation officer sets before the offender. In these three cases, each offender was placed on probation or parole according to his or her case file. It is the decision of the probation or parole officer’s duty to decide which program or assistance that the offender will need for the duration of his or her probation or parole. Throughout…show more content…
Harrison received drug/alcohol treatment, a psychiatric evaluation/treatment, anger management, and intensive supervision because he was a high risk offender. Harrison, who was abused as a child because he was younger by his father, has a bipolar disorder, drug/alcohol history, and is prone to violence. The outcome for Harrison was that he did not follow his parole, he discontinued his counseling with the psychiatric and drug/alcohol treatments; Harrison assaulted his brother at the apartment he was staying at, and left…show more content…
He followed the instructions given to him and applied the lesson learned. As a team no selections are necessary to this case because of the outstanding outcome. A model probationer is not always the result with the cases. Garry Harrison violated his parole in several ways. As a parole plan, the team advised the best for Stanley, but unfortunately he was not ready to change his lifestyle. There is nothing our team could have done for Gavas until he is ready to change his life for the better. Kenneth Stanfield has done well with the plan the team assigned for him. He follows the plan and has been drug-free according to the drug screenings. Our plans as a team for Stanfield have been fine and in the future if any changes have to be made, the team will reconsider the evaluations for

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