Probable Suspicion Case Study

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Probable Cause and Reasonable Suspicion After taking a look at all the information in the situation the stopping of the Honda Civic in where Mr. Tierney was driving, Officer Melbourne clearly had the right amount of reasonable suspicion that is required in order to perform a traffic stop by the book. The multiple violations that brought about the traffic stop include the following: • A huge crack in the cars windshield • A headlight that was not functioning properly • Expired tags • Vehicle was traveling well bellow the speed limit All of these traffic violations protected Officer Melbourne’s decision to conduct a traffic stop due to the vehicle having multiple code violations. As far as probable cause goes, Officer Melbourne only learned of the warrant that was out for Mr. Tierney’s arrest during the traffic stop that he was performing and because he had a warrant out for him, the officer had probable cause to put Mr. Tierney into states custody. However, while the officer was in the process of placing Mr. Tierney under arrest, he fled. The action of fleeing only gave more stabilization to the officer’s original decision, having enough probable cause to place the man under arrest. Levels of Proof Justify Actions and a Proper Inventory Search The levels of proof in this case definitely justify a stop and arrest of the…show more content…
Keeping this in mind I went back to read over the documentation given to use and I felt confident in my choice of this doctrine. The officer was lawfully present and again because of the offenders previous criminal history and the cars abandonment the offender threw away any privacy rights that he

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