Probable Marriage Made in Hell Must Be Avoided

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Probable marriage made in hell must be avoided Laura Kipnis’s article According to the study of Rutgers University (1999), twenty eight per cents of Americans describe themselves happy after their marriage. In addition, the Office for National Statistics of the United Kingdom, divorce rate recorded fifteen per cents on its highest. Laura Kipnis, the writer of article Marriage Is Made In Hell, the on-going conditions of married couples do not show satisfactory progress. Adultery and lack of satisfaction on desires or needs are some views Laura pointed out on unfortunate married lives of people. In short, the article describes how the dissatisfied coupledom in the modern society is influencing negative impacts for both current and future lives of people. I also agree on Laura Kipnis’s argument that the unhappy married lives are worse than undone. I think lack of satisfied desire in family is by far the most fundamental reason of unhappy coupledom. The desire here does not only mean physical relationship such as sex, but also mental dependence between each other. It is likely for a couple to lose the motivation and desire they once had as a newly together couple. After marriage, life gets busy, work starts getting in the way, and the children come along. Several years of indifference and tiring daily lives, a couple can start to only consider on his/her own. This can cause tremendous results such as frustration, and stress, and broken bonds both physically and mentally in the household. They will begin to constantly bicker and argue, usually about the most pointless reasons. In the worst case, a couple may began to drift apart. Marriage is one of the most important event for all people over the world. It is a happy and progressive procedure for people’s lives. Therefore, it must be considered deeply and wisely. The best choice for people may be

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