Probability and Statistics Essay

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Probability and Stochastic Processes Features of this Text Who will benefit from using this text? This text can be used in Junior, Senior or graduate level courses in probability, stochastic process, random signal processing and queuing theory. The mathematical exposition will appeal to students and practioners in many areas. The examples, quizzes, and problems are typical of those encountered by practicing electrical and computer engineers. Professionals in the telecommunications and wireless industry will find it particularly useful. What’s New? This text has been expanded greatly with new material: • Matlab examples and problems give students hands-on access to theory and applications. Every chapter includes guidance on how to use MATLAB to perform calculations and simulations relevant to the subject of the chapter. • A new chapter on Random Vectors • Expanded and enhanced coverage of Random Signal Processing • Streamlined exposition of Markov Chains and Queuing Theory provides quicker access to theories of greatest practical importance Notable Features The Friendly Approach The friendly and accessible writing style gives students an intuitive feeling for the formal mathematics. Quizzes and Homework Problems An extensive collection of in-chapter Quizzes provides check points for readers to gauge their understanding. Hundreds of end-of-chapter problems are clearly marked as to their degree of difficulty from beginner to expert. Website for Students Available for download: All Matlab m-files in the text, the Quiz Solutions Manual Instructor Support Instructors should register at the Instructor Companion Site (ISC) at Wiley in order to obtain supplements. The ISC can be reached by accessing the text’s companion web page • Unparalleled in its offerings, this Second Edition provides a web-based

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