Pro Universal Health Care Essay

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Universal Healthcare, one of the most difficult and defining decisions the American people will have to make, reason being the argument is the greater good versus greed. The evidence for a healthcare reform is evident and rationally undeniable. In this paper 3 major points will be discussed, in favor for Universal Healthcare. The first point being the most popular, the affordability of Universal Healthcare; the second point will be on the inefficiency of the current healthcare; and ending with the promising benefits of Universal Healthcare. The main speculation against Universal Healthcare is the price, to open the eye of the critic, the United States already spends more a year on regular healthcare than it would take to finance Universal Healthcare. The U.S. spends more than 6,000 dollars a person in the U.S. for healthcare. The solution for an inexpensive Universal Healthcare would be financing, as you would a car. A number of different sources would be funding this system, including all federal and state money that is sent to health care, which is about 30% of healthcare spending, should be placed in the Health Insurance Fund. The citizen will pay a health insurance premium when filling out their state tax return, the price varying in comparison to their income. No longer would insurance consumers will have to pay out of pocket visits. Main problems with the current healthcare system extend far more than a handful, but only a handful will be discussed. Right now health care is the most expensive it has ever been, price tripling since 1992 which was around 2,800 dollars. About 16% of the U.S. economy is steered towards healthcare. Current healthcare is far too expensive, even for most who already have insurance, whom have to cut spending from other parts of life to make up for their health bills. More than half of healthcare was cast to attend to only 5% of
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