The Pro-Social Effects Of Television Outweigh The Anti-Social Effects

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We have all heard parents, politicians and other authorial figures saying that television teaches children anti-social behaviour. However other people, especially producers and managers of television programs, claim that the pro-social effects of television are more significant than the antisocial effects. Television can trigger both pro-social and anti-social behaviour. From my point of view pro-social aspects of television outweigh the anti-social aspects. Let’s take the kids program that can be seen between 6 and 9 o'clock in the morning. Especially young children learn from these programs foreign languages (at least that’s the way in Germany). These are very helpful for their later school life and post school life, were the knowledge of foreign languages helps them to get along in the world. Then we have Documentaries that give us more information about different subjects like nature, mechanics, and new technologies and so on. These documentaries have a great effect on the whole society. They help us to understand our Planet better, respect the jobs of other people and be up to date with technologies. Not to forget the reportages that can be seen on the History channel. These have different themes and are suitable for people above the age of 12 (usually). These reportages are useful for students, as they teach us about history and because they are respectable means of information. Television can also be used as means of control in psychological experiments. Let’s take Bandura’s test on the imitation of aggression. Bandura took several young children, matched them by their level of aggression and divided them up by gender and then he divided them up so that an equal amount had a male none/aggression model and a female none/aggression model. He used television to show the children one by one the film of either a man or woman that is violent to a bobo doll

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