Pro Slavery Analysis

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Halee Heltsley 1) How do the pro-slavery writers use arguments about race, political philosophy, and history to defend slavery as a “positive good” for American society? Explain. a. The first author that talked about pro-slavery was by J. D. B. De Bow in his article a man by the name Samuel George Morton he talked about African-Americans and how he thought that their brains were 9 cubic inches smaller than the white men’s brain. But both Pritchard and Todd proved that the size and capacity of an African-American is equal to size of the white men’s. Also, in the articles part one and two of The Staunton they are talking about the rights that the “blacks” have in the north, how they aren’t respected there, to the point where they can’t work at certain places. Because the owner has fear…show more content…
In the articles against slavery from the northern states they talk about how most of the slave holders won’t allow their slaves to become educated. Such as reading, writing or basic math. So that if they were able to ever have jobs off their plantation they wouldn’t be able to do the basic things that the whites of America would be able to do. They also talk about how the white men in the south will do anything to get money they don’t care how they get but they will get it even with it being as dirty as beating their slaves to get the job done. As I was reading these articles the one that stuck out to me the most was the Fredrick Douglas article and how he started the article stating “that all men are created equal…” in this he is saying that slaves are looked down upon but, they don’t deserve to be looked at and kept on a level that is so slow. They deserve respect especially for everything that they do, do for the whites. “ART. I. This Society shall be called the AMERICAN ANTI-SLAVERY society. “ this statement is stating that they northerners want to see a change happen in the south. They want the “blacks” to have the same opportunities as they the whites
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