Pro Life Vs Pro Choice Essay

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What Would You Choose? Over the years there have been many heated debates over the subject of pro-life versus pro-choice. From pious priests and presidential candidates down to concerned counselors and mortified moms, people from many diverse backgrounds have been weighing the consequences of this life altering decision for decades, if not centuries. Some stand, righteously pounding their podiums, proclaiming “thou shalt not kill” and that this act, is indeed, murder for life begins at its conception. While others, just an indignantly, pound the payments carrying picket signs protesting it’s an invasion of our rights and goes directly against the freedoms promised us in the constitution. No law should mandate this important decision. We should have the freedom to choose. Who is wrong and who is right? Is there a clear right or wrong choice? In the year 2009, why are we still seeing teenage pregnancy in such epic proportions with heightened awareness, various birth control options readily available and sex education in high school?…show more content…
Wade that women have a fundamental right to choose abortion without government interference. Then some twenty years later the authors (Los Angeles Times) contend that the pro-choice movement needs to engage in a "public discussion of the moral dimensions of abortion." They conclude that the movement's "vigorous defense of the right to choose needs to be accompanied by greater openness regarding the real conflict between life and choice, between rights and responsibility.” In many states in the United States it is legal for a woman over the age of 18 to get an abortion. Abortion clinics have provided sanitized clinics and professional doctors perform the abortions. This at least has stopped many of the dreadful back alley administrations that resulted in the death of many women, before the law was

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