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Pro Life Essay with Cited Work

  • Submitted by: jamminjuliette
  • on December 10, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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In this paper, I’m going to discuss the three most recent polls that I’ve found about people’s opinions on abortion; pro-life or pro-choice.   I will also discuss the differences of the results by how the surveyor asked the questions, and how they are worded.
In the first poll I found on Gallup.com (dated May 23rd, 2012), Gallop poll being defined as “An assessment of public opinion by the questioning of a statistically representative sample,” (1) it states that 41% of Americans are identifying themselves as pro-choice. According to Gallup’s website, “The majority of Gallup surveys in the U.S. are based on interviews conducted by landline and cellular telephones. Generally, Gallup refers to the target audience as "national adults," representing all adults, aged 18 and older, and living in United States.” (2)   The specific wording used in Gallup’s poll was “With respect to the abortion issue, would you consider yourself to be pro-choice or pro-life?” (3)
In the second poll conducted by the Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll, it states that 42% of Americans identify themselves as pro-choice. This percentage was derived (dated January 18, 2011) by surveying 900 registered voters nationwide, asking the question “On the issue of abortion, would you say you are more pro-life or more pro-choice?” (4)
In my third poll conducted by ABC News/Washington Post Poll, (dated July 20th, 2007) 1,125 people nationwide were asked “Do you think abortion should be legal in all cases, legal in most cases, illegal in most cases, or illegal in all cases?” 23% of those surveyed chose legal in all cases, and 34% of those surveyed chose legal in most cases, for a total of   57% surveyed being pro-choice.
In the first two polls I found, from Gallup.com and Fox News/Opinion Dynamics, their wording was very similar; giving the people surveyed a yes or no option.   In those two surveys, the results only differed by 1%. The third poll however, by ABC News/Washington Post, gave those surveyed...

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