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Pro death penalty essay

  • Submitted by: clester0049
  • on April 27, 2009
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Capital punishment is necessary to make sure that justice is served. It is not revenge but closure for the victim’s family. It prevents criminals who have already been convicted of murder from ever taking another life. Also the death penalty deters criminals from committing such horrific crimes in the first place. America’s justice system shows more sympathy to criminals than the victims. It is said that killing these criminals sends the wrong message and lowers the value of life.
The death penalty is sometimes looked at as an “eye for an eye” mentality. Although it is more about the victim’s family and loved ones getting the justice they deserve. It is rare but there have been some cases where someone convicted of murder got out on parole while serving a life sentence and killed others. In 1985 that is exactly what happened in Charleston, South Carolina. Karen Patterson, a 13 year old girl was shot in her bed by her neighbor Joe Atkins who had served 10 years of a life sentence for a previous murder. Joe also killed his stepfather who had pleaded his case to parole authorities. Both of these murders could have been prevented if the death penalty had been administered after the first murder. America’s current judicial system is corrupt in more than one way; in fact it seems that the criminals are shown more sympathy than the victims and their families. There should be a no tolerance policy for convicted murderers. They should receive the death penalty the first time every time. Today’s technology in crime scene investigation and the use of DNA can almost give a definite yes or no answer which eliminates innocent people receiving the death penalty.
Some argue that capital punishment does not make the criminal suffer as much as a life sentence. This may be true, but if it gives the victim’s loved ones much needed closure then that is all that matters. Capital punishment is said to cost much more than keeping a criminal in jail for a life sentence. This is...

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