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Pro Death Penalty Essay

  • Submitted by: njhadeen
  • on May 9, 2009
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A Grisly Debate
An argument over the justifiability of the death penalty is going to have many counterarguments from both supporters as well as opponents.   Some arguments will be trivial attempts to make a point, and will only be supported by those presenting the argument’s opinion.   Others will be significantly thought provoking and may dissuade one’s own beliefs in favor of another’s.   In this essay I have included most, if not all of the influential arguments for banning capital punishment.   Being in favor of the death penalty I have also included my own rebuttal to the arguments that I am in disagreement with.   I admit that some of the opposing arguments are really irrefutable, and to try to argue against them would be pointless at best; and downright pathetic at worst.   I go into the argument of death vs. life imprisonment, one of the most influential arguments in present time.   I explain the why I believe the potential risk of an innocent execution does not serve as grounds for the abolishment of capital punishment.   I clarify the differences between retribution and revenge, as well as make clear why I feel the death penalty is an entirely moral practice.   I even elucidate that lack of deterring capabilities possessed by capital punishment.   This is not a slugfest argument or a boxing match dispute.   This is a sophisticated debate in which both sides will be presenting their case in an attempt to verify the validity of their own arguments.
There are many arguments against the death penalty; most can be rebutted quite easily by its supporters; however when it comes to the cost of a state execution vs. life imprisonment, the opposition has the upper hand.   It can cost a state up to ten times more to execute a criminal than life imprisonment. (Chi Cin)   With the words “economic depression” being whispered everywhere across America, people are not so willing to accept this extra cost.   New Mexico recently abolished the death penalty due to these high costs,...

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