Pro Choice Abortion In America Essay

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J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College Richmond, Virginia Pro-Choice, Abortion in America English 111 Ltanyya Tyson July 26, 2012 Even though many people believe that life begins at the time of conception and that it is unholy to have an abortion. Many activists want you to believe that if you have an abortion that your soul will be condemned. There is no evidence to prove that any ones soul was cursed or condemned because they following through on an abortion. In many cases, such as incest when the person that you trust to protect you has impregnated you and/or in rape cases when a woman does not know the father. In this report, I will explain the ins and outs of an abortion. I will explain the right of a woman. I will report…show more content…
Understanding the definition of life, we can assume that an embryo is just an organism. They also believe that regardless of any given situation a woman should not have an abortion. “Pro-Life” supports believe that there are many other ways, such as adoption or counseling. One of the huge problems with adoption is that the system to date is already over crowed. We can assume that every time that a women decides not to have an abortion that the child will be placed into a loving home. If a person is not physically, mentally and financially able to care for a child then they should not have one. We (society) should not have to pay for them. Counseling an expecting mother and convincing her that having an abortion is go as a short-term fix but as a long-term fix it is not. Enforcing parenthood on anyone only causes problems for the child and…show more content…
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