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Imagine going to a doctor's office and being denied to see your specialist due to a new law that has passed. People are free to decide whether they want to get surgery, Botox, tattoos, piercings, or even go to war. What makes a woman's choice to get an abortion any different? Everyone should have the right to make their own decisions, especially when it is regarding their own body. Unplanned pregnancies are becoming more common in the US and, despite some controversy, should remain legal in order to protect women's mental and physical health. Most of the people that choose to have an abortion do it because they know it is the best decision for them and the unborn child; they don’t do it with the intention to kill. Those who protest abortions see it as taking an innocent life but what they don’t realize is that it can put the mother's life in jeopardy too, especially if they are too young or too old to have children. Nearly half of all pregnancies in the U.S. each year are unintended. Bringing a life into this world is one of the biggest decisions a woman can make. Accidents happen all the time, especially in young adults and teens who are not ready to be parents physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. Teenagers are at higher risk for health issues such as post partum depression, anemia, high blood pressure and premature birth of the baby. Pregnant teenagers and teenagers with kids are more likely to drop out of school because a child needs constant undivided attention. It isn't fair to a child to be born into a family that cannot take care of them as well as they deserve. The most ideal time to have a baby would be after both parents are married and have a steady income to support their new family. Teenagers are not the only ones at risk when going through pregnancy. Women over 35 experience a higher risk in losing their baby, or their baby

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