Pro-Choice Essay

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EngComp2:M/W 2/10/2013 A woman’s ability to conceive is considered to be a God-given gift. She is able to procreate life and bring a human into this world that will forever be a part of her and her partner. This miracle of life is one of the things females anticipate the most. A fantasy is then created. What their child will look like, who the father will be, what their child will grow up to be. They create all these romantic scenarios and have such high hopes of how they picture their motherhood experience going. Although, what if things don’t go as planned? Abortion is a needed medical procedure that has been proven time and time again to be good for society, families, and women. It is every person’s fundamental right to be in control of their own body and the functions that it accomplishes, pregnancy is one the most life- changing. There are so many factors that could alter a woman’s idea of a perfect pregnancy. Situations and events occur daily that are out of our control. This is why I am pro-choice and all for the legalization of abortion. Young woman across the nation are sexually abused or raped. This often leads to an unwanted pregnancy. The attacker in this situation could be anybody. It is not uncommon for the men in these situations to be family, sometimes as close as a brother or father. This could cause devastating genetic defects to this baby. The same goes for teenage pregnancies. They are still in school, no careers, and low- paying jobs if they have any at all. The quality of life for both mother and child are put at great risk. Illegalizing abortion is just like illegalizing anything else. If someone really wants or needs it, they will go to great lengths to obtain it. This is when a female would resort

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