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Pro Choice DeVry University Pro Choice When a decision is made to end a pregnancy Pro Choice is available to ensure privacy, quality of care for the woman and one’s responsibility over her own body. Pro Choice is an argument many citizens fight for. Pro Choice provides women and even men help to make a difficult choice without breaking the law. Almost half of all pregnancies are unintended ( due to unprotected sex, contraception failure or rape. Women are taught at a young age that they are responsible for their body. They are taught to take care of themselves and to respect themselves. They should not let society influence decisions made pertaining to their bodies. Ultimately it is the woman’s choice how she takes care of her body she has to live the decision. Before abortion became legal women were forced to look for alternative means to terminate the pregnancy often times resulting in the inability to have children later in life or their own deaths due to infection. When abortion became legal on January 22, 1973 ( it provided women with clean and sanitized facilities. A woman no longer had the risk of contracting infections on top of an already life changing decision. The new regulations mandated procedures to be followed to ensure unsafe abortions are no longer performed. Groups such as the World Health Organization have advocated a public-health approach to addressing unsafe abortion, emphasizing the legalization of abortion, the training of medical personnel, and ensuring access to reproductive-health services ( Privacy is a right given in the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to all citizens. When you purchase a home you expect doors on all bedrooms for privacy. Pro Choice A woman or couple might choose to have an abortion for whatever reasons and it is no one’s

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