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Pro Choice A topic that is very controversial in today’s American society is whether or not abortions and stem cell research should be legal or not. There are more facts that prove these topics should be legal. The 9th Amendment states the American’s right of pro choice. Abortion should be kept legal because there are many reasons why the mother should not have the baby. Also because abortions are legal then stem cell research should be made legal because if a fetus is already killed then it can still be put to good scientific research and possibly help another human being. Having the topics legal would also keep many Americans from performing these procedures illegally. Pro Choice has many positives to it. The ninth amendment states: "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." This right can be translated many different ways. One way that it is translated is that it gives women the right to CHOOSE to have an abortion. A woman has control of her own body and may choose to do what they want with it, unless they are doing harm to themselves which abortion does not do. The Constitution gives Americans the right to choose an abortion. There are many reasons why a mother can morally have an abortion. What if a fifteen year old girl is raped and becomes pregnant? Should she have to carry the burden of a bastard child at that young an age? No she should not. Something like that would ruin her life. That would not be fair to ruin a young girls life because of a crime some one else did to her. What would happen if the birth of a baby may endanger the life of the mother but she has to have it anyway? Would it be fair that she has to take the risk of killing herself when she can have an abortion and try again? A fetus is not a human being yet and it is not morally

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