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A recent event in Ireland tells of an Indian woman, Savita Halappanavar that was having a miscarriage. The fetus was confirmed to not survive. She repeatedly pleaded for an abortion but was denied due to the country’s Catholicism. She eventually had the fetus surgically removed but by then it was too late she had contracted a bacterial blood disease called septicemia. She died on Oct. 28. It’s a good thing abortions are legal in the U.S. They have been ever since 1973 because of the Roe vs. Wade trial. Abortion is a very touchy subject and that’s because it brings out strong feelings in people. People are constantly debating about weather abortion should be legal or illegal. Everyone has an opinion on the subject and their own reasons behind it. My opinion on abortion is that it should be legal. Yes I am pro-choice. My reason in believing this is because women should have the right to chose. Also the people how are pro-life are mostly men. Men will never truly be able to experience a pregnancy and the fear of an unexpected one. Another thing is that most of the reasoning’s behind pro-life are religious. Last time I checked there is supposed to be a separation of state and church. Also there are times when abortion may feel necessary such as if a woman is raped without abortion she would have to live her life scared having a child around reminding her of that horrible day. There is also the unintended pregnancy, these occur very often among teenage girls. She is still in high school and unable to provide for the child most of the time. The guy will most likely leave her and she’ll be looked down upon by many. That girl needs the option of abortion if abortions. Even if abortions were illegal it would not stop a woman of finding a way to have one if she really feels the need to. Illegal abortions happen even now and they lead to very serious health issues. As for

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