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Throught time women have never had the full right to do as they please. Pro-Choice is a movement that gives a woman control of her own body. Many women have serious or life-threatening medical issues in pregnancy. There can also be many personal reasons women choose to have an abortion. Women should always have the right to choose what to do with their own bodies. Pro-Choice gives women rights they should have always had. Pro-Choicers belive that everyone should have the right to decide what to do with their own bodies (Head 1). Women are the ones who's bodies go through the stress of having a child. They should have the choice whether or not to put their bodies through pregnancy. Banning a woman the right to her own body is taking aways her most basic freedom (Bose 1). The Supreme Court legalized abortion in the United States during 1973 with the court case Roe v. Wade (Saad 1). Many women choose to have abortions because of medical necessities. For example a woman with diabeties can develop a codition called hyperemesis gravidarum, this disease threatens heart failure. The only way to cure it is abortion (International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family 3). Most people agree with keeping abortions leagalized during the first trimester because of the health of the mother or the health of the unborn child (Saad 1). There are many personal reasons women choose to have abortions as well, like in cases of rape. Hillary Clinton cites in her speech on the "politics and moralitly of abortion" that there are 15,000 abortions per year due to women that have been sexually assaulted (Sullivan 2). If a women is raped she should not have to go through the mental stress of having that child. She shouldn't be responsible for something she didn't even want to happen (Bose 2). Other reasons women choose to not continue with their pregnancies starts with financal burdens on them.

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