Pro- Choice Essay

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The government can control what you do with your body women. This is a sexist view because it only applies to women. If a woman becomes pregnant and it is irrelevant how she became pregnant, she should have the right to choose what to do next. It is none of the governments’ business. It is none of the “holy religious community’s” business, and a man (male) absolutely, definitely should not be even concerned with this issue since they can never and will never carry a child. Obviously I am pro- Choice and my primary reason is because I believe that people in general should have the right to make decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives. It is no one’s place, no one, to control someone else’s destiny. Period. When dealing with individuals who are believed to have freewill and reason, each person has the right to an opinion but no one has the right to impose their opinion on another’s life even if their opinion is right. Someone who is pro-life consider a fertilized egg to be an innocent person and while a pro-chioce person doesn’t really agree. Pro-life people seem to suggest that the person who is being created (the fetus) is more important than the person who is already created; the person who is carrying the child, the person who without them there would be no fetus, the person who will sacrifice the most, the person who matters the most. The

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