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Terika White Andrew Zboralski ENG 122 February 10, 2013 “Pro-Life Without Choice” In the New York Times article titled “Three Rulings Against Women's Rights” published July 31, 2012 an unnamed author in The Opinion Pages argues that in three separate cases the rights of women were erroneously disregarded. On three different occasions District and Supreme Court judges thought it would be a better idea for women to be withheld their rights just because of their belief of pro-choice, whether in the form of abortion or contraceptives. Although, this has been an ongoing argument since the beginning of time, to date these rights are still protected by the Constitution. Judges are meant to protect this and not make up their own rules along the way. The author of this article appeals to us emotionally, reasonably, and by ethical fact on why these things are wrong. How our country is failing the rights of women is a theme that is repeated in this article. The author appeals strongly to the audience by starting this article out with, “abortion rights and women’s access to affordable contraception are threatened by political attacks. “ Ever since Roe v Wade in 1979 women have had the right to do what they will with their a point. Once the fetus is able to survive outside the womb then it becomes a crime and a danger to the mother at about 24 wks. Judges in the District and Supreme Courts have several times tried to pass cases that go against the Constitution in one form or another over the past 34 years because of their own beliefs versus what is right by the eyes of the law. They have, “failed to preserve constitutional protections for women.” We the people appoint judges because we believe in them to make the right decisions. When Judge James Teilborg of the United States District Court in Phoenix allowed the ban that of all abortions after 20 weeks

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