Pro Cell Phone Use While Driving Essay

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Five Important Things My little lamb is really important to me because it was the first gift my little sister got when she was born. It means a lot because when I look at the little lamb it reminds me of always visiting my little sister in the hospital, and little lamb was the thing we brought home from the hospital instead of my little sister. She was in the hospital for quite a while, so me and my older sister never had a chance to visit her because she was in the San Francisco hospital and we lived here in Turlock. Little lamb will always be a reminder of how anxious I want to see my little sister but couldn’t. So little lamb will always be a reminder on how much I waited to finally see my little sister. My shell is actually a gift my grandmother gave me. In summer of 2011, I went to México to meet my Grandparents. I went for four weeks, but it seemed a little bit a time for me. My Grandparents would always take me to places, to meet new places. One day my Grandparents decided to go to Puerto Vallarta; it is a beach well-known in Jalisco. Once we got there, we decided to go to the gift shops first. Everything was beautiful in the gift shops but I didn’t want to waste my money so after 2 long days there, we went back home. When we got home, at dinner my grandmother pulls out a shell key chain. I absolutely loved it because, she gave me to me, and I was glad I now had a souvenir from Puerto Vallarta. My White Tiger souvenir I actually bought when I went to six flags the very first time. I’ve had this souvenir for quite a while now. It reminds me of how much fun I had the day I went to six flags. This is one of my favorite souvenirs, because the detail is cute, including the tiger. The day I got this souvenir, my parents were in a hurry to go home so I had to find something quick before we left. I looked and looked and I didn’t find anything that

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