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Katie Schwab 9-18-14 US History P.1 I am for the Bill of Rights. The Rights listed have been a part of the Constitution since it was written, and no one’s had a problem with it. It is a part of history and what the United States of America was built off of. Wouldn’t be strange that all of a sudden we, Americans, dumped out our history and forgot and try to rid the Bill of rights? In 1787, the war, the Revolutionary War, with Great Britain, had ended. We, citizens of this new country, America, wrote the Bill of Rights, following the Constitution, for Kind George. Showing him these proved America and its citizens, that we could function and had the power to run without him. If we disregard the Bill of Rights, we will lose that memory and history of it all. “When the Constitution was signed in 1787, the American people still had fresh memories of what life was like under the rule of a distant, powerful and centralized government: the British monarchy. A strong national government under the proposed Constitution, specifically one lacking a bill of rights, was hardly any better (The Case for the Bill of Rights)”. Without the Bill of Rights to be the rock for the American people, it would be just as if King George were still here breathing down our necks. Back in 1787 when the newly Americans were addressing whether to add the Bill of Rights to the Constitution, most Federalists said that it was merely unnecessary and takes away individual liberty. But, in fact, the Bill guarantees our individual liberty. “If nothing else, Madison said, the Bill of Rights served as a necessary backup (The Case for the Bill of Rights)”. The Bill of Rights is important and should still stand alongside the

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