Pro Assisted Suicide Essay

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Assisted Suicide Assisted suicide is a very controversial topic in our country today. Even after weighing in all of the evidence, I am still not sure how to feel about this dilemma. I understand and empathize with the people that support assisted suicide and also with the people that are against it. There are several aspects to consider on such a diverse topic. One aspect to consider about assisted suicide is the legal one. The right to die is a fundamental freedom of each person. Nowhere in the constitution does it state or imply that the government has the right to keep a person from committing suicide. After all, if the patient and the family agree it's what they want to do, whose business is it anyway? Who else is it going to hurt? In a country that's supposedly free, this should be a fundamental right. According to the First Amendment of The…show more content…
Eventually some people and their families might be forced to put financial concerns above the needs of a loved one. Doctors or insurance companies could try to convince some people to opt for assisted suicide rather than the more expensive treatment. This would be an injustice to all humankind. A history professor at San Francisco State University argued that assisted suicide would lead to inequities and would not be limited to those with a terminal illness. “Given the way the U.S. healthcare system is getting increasingly unjust and even savage, I don't think this system could be trusted to implement such a system equitably, or confine it to people who are immediately terminally ill"(Mohler). Even if legislation could protect those with disabilities from the threat of involuntary elimination, how long will it be before the disabled, the elderly, and others requiring extra care begin to wonder if their loved ones would not be better off with them
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