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Pro Ana Essay

  • Submitted by: skinner
  • on April 28, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Woman for hundreds of years have been told that size does matter. If you look at magazines or television today all you see are skinny woman or programs on how to loose weight. Society as a whole puts too much pressure on woman and when the pressure becomes too much, they “deal” with it. Well this is where pro-ana comes into play. They see themselves as fat and ugly, they only think they know how to do is not eat. They take it to the extreme, but believe this is what they need to do to fit into society. They need to be thin. Many people would see this as a mental illness, but the pro-ana sub-culture feel it is their lifesyle choice. They really wish doctors and family members could accept that.

While I was researching pro-ana, I found a website that had everything you would want to know about it. There were stories and forums, to help better understand what it is. I found this extremely interesting because the stories to me were obsurred, talking about how they only eat 500 calories a day and so on. I do not understand their way of thinking but to them it makes sense. There is some controversy over the pro-ana websites, some say that allowing these in exsistence, promotes that sort of behavior. People are going to do what they want to do, so by banning these websites will not do any good. These websites also help people who want to recover from this lifestyle.

I decided to sign up for this website, because you had to be a member to see certain parts. I figured trying to interview three people would be easier if I posed as a new member of pro-ana. I posted a forum asking if someone could be my “pro-ana buddy.” Within the first day I already had three people willing to be my buddy and help me understand what pro-ana was before I fully committed. I acted dumb this way I could ask a lot of question, whithout them getting suspiciouis. I felt a little awkward at first trying to pry into their lives and lieing to get the answers. After a few days of talking with...

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