Private Sharts During The Civil War

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The Civil War has been very tough on our country. I was lieutenant of the 2nd Massachusetts infantry for two years, where I fought at the Battle of Antietam, where the Union army victored. I was recruited by Governor John Andrew to command the 54th Massachusetts infantry on March 31, 1863, which is one of the first all black regiments of the Union. I was first unenthusiastic about this, but then I dedicated myself fully to the regiment. I have grown closely to the soldiers, and I am impressed by their loyalty. I have also accepted to receive no pay until both the white and black soldiers will receive the same wage. The Union and Confederate are unevenly matches. I feel that we have the upper hand in many areas. We have many more resources, more fighting power, more soldiers, more factories, greater food production, and an extensive railroad system. We also…show more content…
Lee is the commander of the confederate army, who helped us win a series of victories over the confederate army, led by Jefferson Davis. My regiment first fought on James Island, South Carolina on July 16, 1863. My army destroyed the opposition completely, even though we had 42 casualties. My African American soldiers are very determined and loyal in fighting for me. One of my best shots is Private Sharts, and one of my strongest fighters is Private Trip. I have recently appointed Private John Rawlins as Sergeant Major. He becomes one of the first African American Majors in the Union. I have full trust in them. After my all black regiment, the Union Army consisted of nearly 10 percent of African Americans. Women are also playing a role in this war. They are primarily used to nurse the injured soldiers and take care of them at home. Recently all the commanders were called on my General Strong. He needed a regiment to attack Fort Wagner. I insisted my regiment to do so. He asked me if I thought my regiment was strong enough. I told him “There’s more to fighting than rest sir, there’s
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