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Private Schools Versus Public Schools Essay

  • Submitted by: rpeli1116
  • on November 27, 2010
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Below is an essay on "Private Schools Versus Public Schools" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Renee Pomerleau Pomerleau 1
English Comp I
21 October 2010
Essay III
Private Schools Versus Public Schools
      Five of the major issues facing parents when they are making this decision regarding the
education of their children is money, classroom size, extra curricular offerings by the school, and the curriculum. Private education and public education both has his similarities and differences. Parents have many different things to consider when picking which school is best for their child. Classroom and school environments are a major factor because parents have to decide what type of environment they feel will provide their children with the most proper education. Also are the admission standards that both the private and public schools have in place. Educational systems are the foundations of knowledge for our youth.

      Money is one of the main concerns facing parents when they‘re trying to decide whether to put their child into public or private schools. Public schools get their financing from local, state, and federal government funds, meaning that when we pay our taxes, we are paying for our child’s education and the education of other children in our community. Primarily a public school education is free. However private schools are funded through tuition, fundraising, donations, and private grants. Most parents can’t afford the tuition for a private education, and therefore are left with no choice but to send their child into a public school.

      And yet the classroom size in a public school is generally larger than one in a private school, meaning that in a public school there are more students and less individual attention from the teachers. Another aspect besides the actual class size is the student/teacher ratio. Private schools average thirteen students per teacher, in comparison to public schools there is sixteen students per teacher. Thirty-six percent of private schools have a student/teacher ratio lower than ten to one....

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