Private Schools and Public Sports

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Hunter Jones Mrs. Lee Comp 1 3/10/13 Private schools should never be able to play sports against public schools. They should be in there own division and play only against other private schools. Private schools recruit players, have surplus amounts of money for each sport, and give their players a better chance of getting scholarships to play at the college level. Does that sound far for a public to have to compete with. When private schools need talent, they go and recruit players from other high schools. By recruit, I mean pay for their schooling, lunch, and sport fees. Along with the money, they promise the student playing time or even a starting position. This makes it unfair to other schools. I mean, what stud athlete wouldn’t go to a high-class sports super power for free knowing he or she has a great shot at winning a state title. Small schools can’t even promise the playoffs, much less a shot at state. He said, “Yes we did and still do”. He confirmed all that I had believed. During a wrestling tournament, I met Heritage Hall’s old head football coach. I asked him if his school recruits its players. He said, “Yes we do, we find athletes from other schools and offer them the opportunity to come play for us. We would get them to come any way we could. We would pay the tuition, and yes, we would tell them they would get playing time”. Being able to recruit makes it all most impossible to not have a good team. Private schools steal athletes away from smaller public schools and create teams that can’t compete with the stacked teams recruiting can create. Even big public schools like Broken Arrow, that have the sports that private schools have, cant recruit their players for each team. Public schools don’t have good teams every year, but private schools have stacked teams every year because they recruit their players from everywhere. When we played

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