Private Schooling Affecting America

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Private Schooling Affecting America From as far back as when the colonies in America first came into existence, private schooling has had an impending role in America’s history. Firstly, private schools have greatly affected social status amongst the classes in society. Secondly, they have advanced the levels of education in the whole world. Overall, schooling has been a leading factor in the development of societies and continues to broaden and help stimulate intellectual activities. Thus, schooling in America plays a highly important role. Furthermore, private schools have been notable in helping the advancements of America’s social levels. Although private schools were not the only options of schooling at the time, paying for your child’s education set the upper classes and lower classes further apart than they already were. It showed the public that the people that paid for their children’s education had an upper hand above the rest. Although, private schools did not just affect the social levels, it affected many other things such as the economy, for instance. Equally important, was the affect of schooling on public literacy and knowledge. Schooling back when America was still forming as a nation was only free to the poor, which meant that the upper classes had the necessity to pay for their child’s schooling. After a few years, people, such as reformists, felt that schooling needed to be free and paid by the government in order to encourage people to get an education. Eventually, the society complied, and instated that primary education be free for all. Evidently, once schooling became free for all, thus public schools arose, the literacy and overall production of the public increased to incredible levels. This presented the option for the upper class to send their children to a “better” education, which would not be amongst the lower class children.
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