Private Peaceful Essay

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Critical Essay on “Private Peaceful” “Private Peaceful” is a novel written by Michael Morpurgo. The main themes that Morpurgo deals with are love, relationship and war. In this novel Michael Morpurgo tries to explain the horrors of war. All the chapters begin in present tense and then go back to past tense. The novel first starts off with the death of Tommo’s father. Tommo falls in love with Molly, the girl who is going to marry Charlie. They then had a baby right before Charlie had to go to war. Tommo decided to go with Charlie to war as well. When they arrived at the camp in France, Charlie had a conflict with the Sargent which then led to the Sargent picking on Charlie and Tommo. They then go off to the trenches, where Tommo gets shot. Charlie stays with Tommo and for that he gets sentenced to the firing squad. Michael Morpurgo uses first person narration. This helps us understand and see clearly the horrors of war. Tommo is the narrator in the novel, which helps us to understand what it is like to be a soldier at war because we are reading what he has experienced. “let them come. I just want this to stop. I just want it to be over”. Another quote from the novel that shows Tommo’s feelings is when he is posted to sentry duty. “I look through the periscope I expect to see the grey hordes coming at us across no-mans-land, but no one comes. I am almost disappointed”. This shows again that Tommo wants to be attacked, but no one is coming towards them, so therefore it seems like he is bored. Another technique that Michael Morpurgo uses to show the horrors of war is descriptive language. “The ground shudders, and with every impact we are bombarded by showers of mud and stone and snow”. The descriptive language that Morpurgo uses shows how horrific the conditions were in the war. He does this by repeating the word “and” which makes it seem that he
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