Private Investigations Essay

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Internship The field of private investigations Throughout history crime has always been an issue for society. The more advanced technology gets, and the wiser people become when getting away with crime, this makes it very difficult to those who work as crime stoppers. The different legal systems of law use different methods to try and minimize crime. When policing and security personnel can’t find the person who has committed a crime or evidence is not sufficient, it is the duty of detectives and private investigators to solve the crime. A private investigator is a person who is hired to undertake investigatory law services. The history behind private investigations ages back to the 1850’s with Allen Pinkerton as the first American private investigator. Pinkerton was a Scottish American detective and spy best known for creating the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. Pinkerton and his operatives foiled assassination attempts on presidents and chased outlaws back and forth across America. After the peoples respect towards Pinkerton and his agency, the field of investigations was admired and respected among Americans which gave it recognition as a professional field. Private investigators are hired to investigate based on suspicion. There job is to try and find out something hidden to do this they have to look for evidence. When dealing with every case investigators must be careful, take the best decisions and be as precise as possible. The importance of being cautious and precise is necessary for the everyday risk they face when dealing with cases in where not only their lives may run risk but others as well. The risk they may run can be anywhere from being charged criminally in court to death as a result of not taking the appropriate methods and tools when conducting an

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