Privacy: Who Needs It: Essay Evalutaion

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Privacy: Who Needs It: Essay evaluation All throughout school in our English classes we have learned to read and write short stories, paragraphs and many different type of essays such as persuasive, formal, informal and descriptive essays. Literature is unique because everyone has their own way of expressing opinions which makes it enjoyable to read. However in order to have a fine essay it is essential to have certain elements such as a clear thesis and evidence to support it, a nice flow to the content of the essay and last but not least correct vocabulary. I believe the essay “Privacy: Who Needs It?” by Robert J. Sawyer is a one of the great examples to refer to. First of all Sawyer clearly uses a proper format for the essay he does not jump around with arguments instead he keeps a nice flow. He starts off with a personal experience which catches a reader’s attention. There is always a possibility that someone might relate to it and find the essay worth reading. It also gives a reason to why is the author writing this essay. Sawyer then flawlessly states a few facts about the safety and the United States amendments to introduce his argument. Sawyer doesn’t start a new subtopic until he has finished off the last one by either asking a rhetorical question or re-stating his opinion in different words for example; he ends paragraph 7 by saying “Frankly, I’d much rather the government was tracking down potential terrorist, sex offender and so on.” Sawyer builds a pattern to his thoughts and follows through with it. This is a very important element an essay can have because it keeps the reader focused and helps him/her understand the content of the essay. Moving along, Sawyer does not only makes sure to clearly state his thesis but also uses reliable source of evidence to support his opinion. Sawyer uses various method of proofs such as

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