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A Review of Press Freedom Protection in Hong Kong Lee Ka Chun (2008403818) BBA (Law) III 1. Free Speech and Press Freedom – An Introduction Free Speech With no doubt, free speech is an indispensable element in a democratic society. Even from a layman’s point of view, a democratic society should contain certain extent of freedom to express opinion, including minority or dissenting opinion. It is not only important for social and democratic development, but also important as it is related to “fundamental rights to self-fulfillment and development”, if we have to go deeper to human dignity issue. Press Freedom The concept of press freedom is somewhat similar to that of free speech, in that they all have a function of protecting individuals’ right to receive different opinion and information. In fact it is suggested that press freedom and free speech are indeed the same. Press freedom simply means “the free speech rights of owners, editors, and journalists.” Press Freedom in Hong Kong Press freedom in Hong Kong has been improving. This can be reflected by the Press Freedom Index, in which Hong Kong went up from 61st in 2007 to 48th in 2009. However, loopholes and vagueness are still present in certain aspects of press activities. In this paper, the relevant legislations protecting press freedom in Hong Kong will be outlined. Then, three scenarios will be discussed by referring to some current incidents and cases. Loopholes and unclear aspect of the law in these areas will be identified and solutions, if any, will be suggested. 2. Legislations Protecting Press Freedom Press freedom is recognized as a constitutional right in Hong Kong. Article 27 of the Basic Law states that “Hong Kong residents shall have freedom of speech, of the press and of publication; …” Press freedom protection can also be found in article 19 of the International

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