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Privacy in Social Media Essay

  • Submitted by: mpenuch
  • on October 22, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Social media has changed the way people interact on a day to day basis. While this is up for each individual to decide whether or not this is a positive or a negative influence, there is one major negative to social media. Sites such as Facebook violate our privacy rights everyday and most people don’t even realize it. While users should become more educated to help protect their own privacy, the government should also implement laws and regulation that make it harder for social media sites to violate their user’s rights.
It wouldn’t be fair to place all blame on social media sites. Users should become more informed about the product they are using and help protect themselves. Unfortunately in the case of a site like Facebook this can be very hard to do. Upon first glance Facebook currently has twenty different items within the privacy settings, and on each of those options there is an additional four selections within them. That is if you only look at is what is right on your screen without looking. In an article done by Nick Bilton of the New York Times, Bilton showed that there are actually fifty settings with over 170 options within those setting (Bilton, 2010). For someone who isn’t really sure of what they’re doing but simply wants to be able to communicate with friends online, and even someone who would consider themselves to be somewhat computer savvy this can be very confusing. It shouldn’t be that someone has to decipher that many choices just to be able to share information with friends while not sharing it with the whole world.
Facebook has now added a new feature which gives ones friends the ability to automatically add you to a group without your permission. You can un-join this group, but that is only once you realize that someone has added you to it. Facebook currently offers a vast array of everything from support groups, to group with messages of hate and violence. The implications for someone profile to be tied to groups like that can be...

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