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“Once you’ve lost your privacy, you realize you’ve lost an extremely valuable thing.” -Billy Graham. This quote is very accurate. Privacy is something we are all rewarded with, and it is our responsibility on how we make use of it. Everyone has control of what they do on the internet, the internet is ours! Every single choice we make is either negative or positive, and that choice makes an impact on our privacy. Yet most of the people who tend to have lack of privacy are kids. Kids don’t know much about what’s really out there. They tend to think that the internet is just socializing and games, yet it’s much worse than that. Kids can get bullied, stalked, and much worse. Kids are very easy targets, and that isn’t fair. Kids deserve to have fun while using the internet. Our job as society is to teach kids online safety. They deserve to be safe, we all deserve to be safe. No one should be victims of cyber-bullying, identity theft, or any public humiliation on the internet. Therefore, we should teach every single child about internet safety. Each and every school should have a presentation on internet safety. If there are kids who don’t care about the presentation, let them be. They were given the information, yet they chose not to use it. That is their problem. The internet is used daily by teens. They spend most of their time on it, even during school, when possible. Our life depends on the internet. The thing is, not everyone can be safe on the internet. It's not impossible, but it would be very difficult to accomplish that. Many people on the internet don't care about their safety, most people think everything's a joke. It's their choice on whether or not they care. From the looks of it, it's hard to say how internet safety is going. "Privacy is like the weather, some people care while others don't." (Angwin, Julia). This quote is very true. Some

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